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hi guys, im back on here. i havent been on here in months and a hell of a lot of things have happened, i now have an eating disorder (i dont know if that was the right way to say it?) but yeah, its the most overwhelming thing ever i guess thinking about it, it started in october last year when i was at the ed sheeran concert and i looked back on pictures of myself and i cried because of what i saw and then that would go back into what other people saw so then i cut down on the fatty food and didnt have snacks and drank loads of water, i was 133lbs in October, June im now 113Lbs. In the short time of 8 months i’ve lost 20 pounds, and im now nearly in the 7 stones. Everyone in my family have started to notice my eating habits have changed and my mum has even joked about ‘you go home and throw up’ i have only ever done once.. in my sixth form toilets but now i just chew and spit the fatty foods. Its horrible, for most nights i have 50 calorie toast for dinner, and fruit during the day but the later i get up the less i eat. Its gonna be hell when the summer comes up, so yeah if anyone on here is thinking of losing weight, do it the healthy way. because now i cant get out of this.

me at the ed sheeran concert.

me today, the bones are lovely arent they? 

Anonymous said: how do you loose that weight?

right im gonna be completely honest with you but i did skip a few meals. but the key is to eat when you’re hungry and not when bored also drink a heck of water! instead of a can of coke grab water!!  

i mainly started trying to really loose weight about a month ago and i weighed 9.12 (stone) but i weighed myself and im just under 8 and a half. i feel so much better in myself! and im continuing I WILL GET A FUCKING THIGH GAP 

and you dont always need exercise, i did a few push ups when i was bored and that was about it. hope this helped xxx 

i’ve been trying to loose weight for ages, constantly complaining about my weight. i never did a ‘before’ because frankly i hated when i looked in the mirror at myself. recently i have been getting compliments about how much i have lost. and im finally happy with my weight! 
i didnt really do any exercise apart from running home from school when it was raining. just eat when you are hungry, not when you’re bored. 

“When I was growing up in Ireland if the priests weren’t fiddling with you, you were one of the ugly kids”


so guys you may have realised i havent been on for two months. the following reasons are bellow.

i started college and the work load for that is actually horrible, i hardly have any free tie to myself. but everything is going okay and im getting the grades i want.

the janoskians have changed, and i dont even call them ‘the boys’ anymore. frankly i dislike them apart from Beau, it seems like he hasnt really changed. Jai and Arina (or however you say her name) is a joke . they havent even met yet they’re saying ‘i love you’ on twitter. like what the actual fuck. ‘love’ is the most over-used word. but im not gonna go into great details about this. or anything because i dare say i’ll get hate.

oh and i fucking hated their new single. and they are constantly complaining about the hate they get. fucking deal with it, you wanted the fame. you got it.

sorry if you dont like my opinion, i have actually no idea what im gonna do with this blog. but if you wanna follow me my other blog is 0nly—

hope you’re all well, i have nothing against any of you

chels xx


Daniel Sahyounie will love me


so i hadn’t seen this on my dash so i took it upon myself to make it
you’re welcome

omgg :) 

Anonymous said: How do you know the age has gone down to have sex?

erm… i dont know if i said anything about this but it was in the papers a few months back